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The Spring is in the Air!


Dear readers of  this special litarary web Sůvička!

I would like to share with you my  poem in prose,  which I wrote 4 years ago – but it is still valid!

Here it is, enjoy it:

The Spring is in the Air!

The golden Sun starts to send its sparkling rays on our part of the Earth,

which likes to bathe in their warming beauty and small beetles 

make their first timid steps after a long winter sleep….

Something strange can be felt in the air….

Yes, the new Spring is coming to make us happy again. We all deserve it!

We start to feel a new energy in our bodies.

Colors start to appear in the streets of towns and in the gardens of villages.

What a beauty again!!!

Birds start to sing their songs of love and our ears are full of them…

All the sounds of a new Spring do not stop by the end of a day – on the contrary,

the night is also full of voices attracting to love games all those who are interested!

And we can hear miaowing everywhere….! Yes, cats try to find their counterparts.

And what is there in the grass???

A small daffodil trying to raise its head upwards to the golden Sun! 

And what about us – people? We are also happy to welcome the new Spring!

So , dear Spring, come soon to us !!! We all are looking forward to you and all your beauties!

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