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Wow, winter doesn´t want to terminate its reign!!!!


As winter doesn´t want to terminate its  reign and snow is again covering our country, I took out from my "secret  literary drawer" one article, which I wrote some years ago when the first snowflakes started to fall from the heavens….

Enjoy it!


The first snow


Gently and quietly the first snowflakes are falling down to our garden.

I am watching them and admire their beauty – each of them is different, each of them has a slightly different structure. Each of them is unique. 

It reminds me the mankind. We people are also unique individuals. No one is just the same as the other – even monovular twins differ slightly in some features.

And we also fall down on this Earth , to live here for some time and then disappear again – similarly as snowflakes that melt and soak up into the earth.

There are millions of them falling down – and millions of them start to form a white soft carpet in our garden and cover all grass, flowers, bushes and branches of the trees. And when the Sun starts to sparkle on each of them in the early mornings – one just has to be happy to see all that charming beauty….

After some minutes my face starts to be wet and I don´t know – is it due to melting snowflakes or due to my own tears which came out from my eyes to express my deepest feelings?

Who knows????

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